How to achieve comfort and luxury in your garden

2Garden furniture can provide a lot to a garden. Whilst a well nurtured garden will be beautiful and aesthetically please, its furniture that opens it up and makes it more enjoyable. Furniture let’s you sit down and take it all in, adding comfort and luxury to any garden.

With the right care and treatment, your choice of garden furniture can last you a long time. As such, it should be treated as a vital resource for making your garden what it is.

With this in mind, just what does your garden need?


The easiest addition for any garden is some form of seating. Most people will go for a table and seats, or even a park bench, as traditional options with wooden materials used as they blend into the garden for a more natural look. If you want something more unique, you might want to look at hammocks for sale online.

You can leave these out or bring them into the garden when the weather is nice, depending on your preference. Whatever you do, a hammock offers a more comfortable way to relax in your garden and take in the atmosphere; from the sounds of the local birds to the smell of the flowers.


Outside of seating options, tables are next on the list of garden furniture priorities. A garden table provides somewhere to sit down and relax as the added surface can make a surprising difference.

It gives you somewhere to eat and drink when the weather is pleasant, or even just sit with a laptop and work outside rather than staying cooped-up indoors. Like chairs and benches, tables can become integral fixtures in any garden providing they are cared for and maintained.

There’s a surprising variety available, too, as the Gardens and Homes Direct range can demonstrate. There are sizes to suit all households and a wide range of materials and colours to choose from so that you get something which will blend seamlessly into your garden.

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Whilst the immediate choice of furniture will affect the comfort and luxury of your garden, to really make it something special you need to look at accessories. From decorative garden ornaments that slot into flower beds to wind chimes which fill your garden with soft and gentle music, it’s important that you consider how you can give your garden a luxurious feel.

Lighting plays a crucial part so this is something you should definitely give a lot of thought to. Outdoor lights come in many forms but delicate fairy lights are always a popular option which immediately transforms the mood of your garden.

For the eco-conscious, solar lights are a great option and you can find a great range of styles – from suspended options to clever bulbs hidden discreetly within ornaments or set proudly on stalks that pierce the ground.

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