What is garden turf and why should I install it?

3Garden turf, quite simply, is basically grass. It can be purchased in rolls and can be laid to replace yards or as an addition to a garden. It will eventually bed itself down into the ground and it is laid like strips and then unrolled as if it were a carpet. While turf itself can be laid at any time, if you are thinking of installing turf, you are best to avoid doing so if the weather is going to be cold and there is a chance of frost. Equally, if it is a really hot day, you need to ensure that your turf doesn’t dry out either.

While a garden can be a lot of work at times, having a garden to tend can really help to give a sense of satisfaction, along with plenty of other advantages.

Aesthetically pleasing

Having a garden is much more aesthetically pleasing than having a yard. You get to see the growth and change in the garden throughout the year and also get to see the colour of the garden too. Not only is having a garden nicer to look at than a yard, but it is also more appealing to buyers. If you’re having difficulty selling your house, it may be worth investing in the expense of laying a garden as you will be able to charge a higher price for your house and are likely to have more interest as a result.

Better for the environment

A garden is better for the environment than a concrete yard, in particular for wildlife. Creatures are able to live under and in the turf, creating more habitats for them than a concrete yard would create. This means that a garden is particularly good if you want to attract wildlife and will appeal to far more to animals than a yard would.


A garden also gives far better drainage than a concrete yard would as the water is able to absorb into the grass rather than just sitting on top of it and forming a pool. This means a garden is great if you live somewhere where there is a high flood risk, as there will be less surface water with a garden than there would be with a concrete yard.

Laying garden turf is really easy and simple to do and can give brilliant results. If you’re thinking that you would like to have a garden as opposed to a yard, laying rolls of turf is a much quicker way to achieve this than laying seed and really is a great way forward in order to get your dream garden started off.

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