Horticulturalists hope 2013 cold start to season ends soon

3The longevity of the wintry conditions up and down the country this year has taken us all by surprise. Icy winds, snow and frost have shown extraordinary persistence, returning time and time again to prevent people from getting into the spirit of the springtime.

This has caused all sorts of problems for gardeners in particular. There have been widespread reports this week of gardeners concerned that the return of the colder weather could have dramatic effects when it comes to their efforts to keep their gardens in good condition.

Growers have really struggled with the temperatures too. Low temperatures threaten the stock that growers will be able to produce and this may create a tricky situation for garden centres who simply won’t be able to offer the kind of stock their customers are used to. Plants and flowers do rely on quite specific conditions and the early spring has so far defied everyone’s expectations – we are all still waiting for the return of the warmer weather and proper evidence of springtime.

It’s not just flowers and plants that suffer from exposure to the cold and from returning snowfalls. Grasses don’t tend to thrive when snow cover lasts because snow cover creates the perfect conditions for disease to spread through lawns and grasslands. This is something that groundskeepers have to stay on top of, but it’s not just the hotels, golf courses, parks and public spaces that are under threat – domestic lawns are vulnerable to disease too.

This is why high quality lawn turf is in demand after long and difficult winters. Fortunately, it is possible for domestic and commercial customers to get hold of good quality lawn turf that has been grown in controlled conditions to make sure that it is perfectly healthy. The team at Q Lawns have been working round the clock to ensure their turf doesn’t suffer because of the climate.

As such, their stock is in an ideal position to be introduced to lawns that have been decimated by disease brought about by environmental conditions.

Horticulturalists around the country are hoping that good weather conditions arrive in the next couple of weeks, otherwise it could be a lean year for the plants and flowers that help bring colour and delight after a long winter. A rise in temperatures in the coming days would raise hopes considerably so it’s all just a matter of waiting it out.

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