The Royal Horticultural Society

The Royal Horticultural Society, or RHS, was first established back in 1804 and is now the leading gardening charity in the UK and is dedicated to promoting good gardening and seeing through advancements in horticulture. The RHS firmly believe that gardening and horticulture enrich lives and they are committed to getting the message across regarding both the social and personal benefits that can be gained by gardening.

Their members are a diverse and eclectic mix of our society and by bringing people together to celebrate their passion for all things plant like have ensured their continuing success for over two centuries. They have a goal to encourage members of the public to enjoy horticulture in both public and private places and to help to create healthy and sustainable communities as well as supporting long term improvements to our society.

They are perhaps best known for their fabulous shows they put on at Chelsea, Cardiff and at various other major venues. Being a charity, however, they rely on the generosity and support, in the forms of both monetary donations and volunteers, to make a real difference. The work they do as a charity is also funded through the subscriptions of their members, sponsorship and the income yielded from their gardening operations, shops, plants centres and flower shows.

The Royal Horticultural Society Enterprises Ltd works only with carefully selected companies who share the same vision for exemplary standards of quality and design, and it is only these who are granted licences to use the name of the RHS on their products. The royalties earned from these is another valuable source of income for a charity that does way more behind the scenes than most people realise.

For example, their latest campaign is based around the ambitions plans the RHS has for introducing the next generation to the wonders of horticulture and gardening, and they have named it the Campaign for School Gardening. They aim to create living gardens in schools and take the children through the basics, such as sowing cress and mustard on blotting paper, so that they understand how important gardening is and also gain valuable skills for the future.

The aim is to help as many schools as they possibly can to put aside a space that is devoted to gardening, be it the corner of a classroom or an outdoor space. This will be an area where children can learn all about growing plants, investigate wildlife, learn all about the environment we live in and discover for themselves where the fruit and vegetables come from that they eat in their packed lunch or for dinner at home.

At a time when green space seems to be disappearing at an alarming rate and gardens are overgrown and neglected, there has never been a better time to investigate further the wonderful work that the RHS do throughout the UK, and by becoming a member yourself you are giving yourself access to all the resources that are available through this outstanding organisation.

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